Every picture has a story to tell

This is the photo i have saved as one of the best of all the pictures i have ever seen. To all those who see this picture, it might look dull or unattractive from the outside, of which i am as sure as death. But i don't blame any of them for this, its just human nature to judge things only on the basis of how they look from the outside and neglecting what lies behind. If the person that found the picture not much to look at comes to know about the reason that makes the picture so special and worth remembering, i believe that the same person will definitely find the same picture quiet attractive and adorable. well, about this picture, there are memories, love , care and all those words that define affection that make it special and so very important for me, even though it might look kind of not so good from the outside, human nature u know. My mother teaches in a school and like every year she was to accompany her students for a class picnic. Before she would leave she asked if i wanted her to get anything for me and i told her to bring me something really special. In the evening when she returned and i eagerly asked if she had brought anything for me, she took out her camera, handed it over to me, showed me this picture and said,"I know you like photographing flowers, so i clicked this picture for u, i am not so good at it but still i did it for you. i hope you like it". That's when i knew that mom had really understood when i asked her to get me something special and that's the moment i fell in love with this picture and that's what makes it picture really precious.  

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