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I have clicked this picture to explain human nature. No matter what someone does for us, how many sacrifices they make, We will still not think even once before stabbing them in the back for the smallest of our benefits. After all we are all animals, Aren't we?  


  1. the best one i've seen in a long time... keep it up bro... um proud of u.........

  2. Very cool picture! I think the picture depicts beauty rather than the devil.

  3. this photo looks more positive to me.. like we never stop striving even if the odds are against us :)

  4. depends on how u see was nice hearing from u.

  5. pic is beautiful beyond words! but I couldnt get meaning of the message. Could u explain, please ?

  6. its just a psychological interpretation of the picture, this is what i see in the picture when i look deep into it. u might have your own perception which i would love you to tell..i see a power hungry beast trying to capture the sun without realising that its the sun that burns for him and keeps him alive. :)

  7. No, we are not but we are humans with dying morals. We are in some race where we outdo each other by stabbing at the back.

    Beautiful shot and a meaningful interpretation.

  8. @ BD, I was wondering y u didn't comment to this picture. Well its more of a psychological thing. The word animal here does not mean the beasts but the social animals with no respect of life... :)
    U always make me write a lot, I like that. Stay in touch

  9. Sorry today I was taking my exam for my licence... but I am back... i hope that i am not to stressful.
    I like to talk a lot.
    This picture is in the same topic like mine I think...
    We are not animals, sometimes we act like one but this is another topic.
    You know what is the first word that comes to mind when I see this picture?
    Is success.


  10. Nice picture but I don't agree wiht you.. Hope you'll trust in human being more :-)


  11. beautifully captured and a nice thought to go with it...! animals yes...but some are faithful like the dog, some cunning like the fox, some slippery like the fish, some hardworking like the elephant..and so is only the poisonous like the snake, who we need to be wary of!!


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