A day out

Got a call from a friend last night with the news that they were planing a trip to Gulmarg(a famous tourist attraction in kashmir) inviting me to join the adventure.How could i not accept it,after all i was tired of doing nothing and just wanted to get out and have some fun.so,off to gulmarg we were.had a lot of fun with all my friends,enjoyed the cable car ride.Had to wait for about 4 hours in the never ending queue to get the tickets,but it was all worth it.After all it is Asias longers cable car network.We Climbed up to the snowy mountains and then started the snow fight between us and some tourists,Germans,i guess.Overpowering them by our mighty snowballs we claimed the victory and they had to pay a huge price for that,coffee for everyone of us,can you imagine.Did a lot of crazy things making this trip one of my favourites and i am quite sure that the memories of this day out are goin to last long...


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