We all live our dark times with the
hope that very soon the hard times
would be over and we shall see the
bright day that awaits us.It
reminds me of a wise saying that
every dark night promises a
bright and a colourful day.Its our
hope that keeps us going in the
hardest times of our lives.Humans
are the strongest of all creatures
for even after facing the terrible
ups and downs in our lives we
still go on with it.During our class we Once
told our teacher that we were
tired and wanted to rest,his reply
was a poem which in nutshell
means never to mention that we are tired for we have just
begun and have a long way to
go,the only place where one can
rest is his grave and grave only.I
could never remember what he
taught us in the class but this was
the only thing that got carved on
my heart for ever.What it all means to me
is that life can never be a
cakewalk or fun-filled.We have to walk amidst
troubles and hardships and the same life assures us success and
joy which is the other side of life.
The road to joy and satisfaction might not alwayz lead us to success.Its not necessary that every thing we do is for a reason.Sometimes we got to let go,let go of all our worries and responsiblities and ambitions and do something that makes us feel good,something unexpected.Have fun,discover in us what we never knew we had and before we know it we might actualy have found a shortcut.
As we grow up, we learn that
even the one person that wasn't
supposed to ever let us down,
probably will. You'll have your
heart broken and you'll break
others' hearts. You'll fight with
your best friend or maybe even
fall in love with them, and you'll
cry because time is flying by. So
take too many pictures, laugh too
much, forgive freely, and love like
you've never been hurt. Life
comes with no guarantees, no
time outs, no second chances.
you just have to live life to the
fullest, tell someone what they
mean to you and tell someone
off, speak out, dance in the
pouring rain, hold someone's
hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep
watching the sun come up, stay
up late, be a flirt, and smile until
your face hurts. Don't be afraid
to take chances or fall in love and
most of all, live in the moment
because every second you spend
angry or upset is a second of
happiness you can never get


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