It was the mid of summer and I was relaxing in my garden and suddenly this bee caught my eye and I was so attracted to it that I followed it for about half an hour or so. It used to revolve round the flowers, grab on to them for a while, taste their nectar and fly away dissatisfied and disappointed. It took the bee quite a time to find the best flower with fresh nectar and as it advanced towards the flower, to its surprise, there were two bees already sitting on it and as this bee tried to join them, the other bees scared it away. I guess it had entered the enemy territory and was not allowed to steel nectar from the flowers that fall in their boundaries. So it had to return nectar-less from there as well. Disappointed from the defeat, the bee flew away but I didn’t take my eyes off it. I felt that there was this bond or some kind of love between the bee and the enemy invaded flower. It waited for the enemy bees to buzz off and as they did, it flew towards the flower as fast as it could and slowing down its pace gently grabbed hold of it and I could feel both the flower and the bee enjoying and dancing with joy. This was the moment I thought was worth capturing and remembering as a symbol of love and freedom.


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