First day at school

Seventeen years back, two cute little kids entered the gates of the Saint Joseph's school, Baramulla. Holding hands with their parents, scared and excited, well not so sure about the being excited part. Looking at all the other children playing all around gave an impression about the place being cheerful and fun-filled. Well here, the first impression was not going to last long, now was it? As they made their way through the school ground, suddenly they were surrounded by a number of girls who were dying to have a look at the two kids because there was something special about them, they were twin brothers and there was something really special about them, they were me and my brother. It took our parents a great deal of efforts to save us from the girls. Now as we made our way to the school building, discipline started taking over, discipline we never knew. Students walking in straight lines like prisoners, some standing outside the line watching over them like guards, well, now the place seemed to look more like a prison facility and like I predicted, the first impression didn’t last long. It was soon that we realised that we were not the only ones that did not fit into the scenario, there were more like us, holding hand with their parents, 1-1 eleven flowing from their noses, crying and dragging themselves away from their parents who looked like their biggest enemies, throwing them into the prison into the hands of some unknown women they called teachers. We all were assembled in a room which was an unfamiliar territory for me, for all of us rather. The room smelt strange, benches arranged in order, charts hanging by the walls, a chair at some distance with a stick hanging by it, . In such a mess the only person I could trust was my brother, so naturally I ran to sit beside him and before I could ask him about our co-ordinates, a terrifying cry caught my ears, ‘silence students’. Hearing the cry the kid sitting next to me started shouting,”baaaaaaaaaaaa!”. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine; well, I didn’t expect him to say hello!,, and soon I too started crying and so did everyone else. This went the same all day, teacher calming a kid and as she moved to the next kid the former started all over again. As I remember they had to bring some more women to calm the angry gathering they called a class. At the end of the day we saw the most amazing and relieving sight of our lives, our parents. This was the moment when all the control of the ladies broke loose and all of us, jumping over the benches, crouching from under the benches ran for our parents and caught hold of their legs like we were begging them not to send us to this prison ever again.
             This was our first day at school, all the adventure we did, all the girls we met, all the trouble we caused to the teachers, all the tears we cries, but most of all, we were a new us after that…….
(Owais Ashraf)  


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