I told you to think

Of good and happy ends
of practical deeds
framed by time.
Let your emotions
not bury your thought’
‘But how can they berry
The thought that’s already rotten?’
‘I told you to speak
Only positive, since that
is what they say helps
I told you, didn't I,
To imagine yourself
In a world full of love
When you feel nicety
Then you will see how
Well-bred you are’
‘Yes, but I did, and found
The love an empty presence
And I cannot be fermented,
I am not bread mom…’
‘Ohdeargod! I told you
to never write your wrongs
They solidify that way’
‘But if I don’t right my wrongs..’
‘It doesn’t matter, persevere
I told you, never to be aloud
Just for the sake of joy,
One day you will be fine
Happiness isn't difficult
Its all in the head.’
‘But mom if my head lets me
Be allowed…’
I told you to negate your whim
To never let yourself be chased’
‘what? Really? If I am not chaste…’
‘silly girl! Look at you!
You need to see the doc’
‘I’ve seen the dock
But that’s just as lonely’
‘kid, you make me despair
when will I ever see you grown?’
‘never, never, will I groan
In front of you, mother,
I shall hide my tears’
‘See, existence is whole,
Look how beautiful,
Don’t you want to live it?’
‘I am already living
A hole, a black hole’
‘pah! Do you remember
I told you to seize the day
Coz baby that is the only way’
‘yes ma that I did
I did cease the day..’
‘really? how?’
‘I stopped thinking.’


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