Winter in Kahmir ( Photo documentary)

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My name is Owais Ashraf Mir. I am a self-learning passionate photographer based in Baramulla, Kashmir. I completed higher secondary from St. Joseph’s school, Baramulla. Presently I am pursuing Bachelors in business administration from Chandigarh University, Landran, Mohali, Punjab. I intend telling stories through my photographs for I believe pictures have a lasting impact on us and that they stay for long than the words actually do. Beauty and seduction, I believe are natures tools for survival. We only love and protect that we love or fall in love with. I intend to create that connection of love and passion in the heart of the viewers that I have felt or feel while I capture a moment. My dad tells us these stories from his childhood about the love and affection between man and Nature when people used to leave the doors open for the birds that had built nests inside their homes. Do we see that love and affection now, No we don’t. Why is that? Time, the fast, old gypsy man has made us no less than machines. We are all so busy with our routine work that we have no time to look around and appreciate what the Maker blessed us with. I aim to break this chain of mechanization with my work recreating that feeling of love and humanness among the viewers.
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